Irish Times (Crosaire) – Nov 15 2018

Clues Answers
10K in Belgium is one for Malaysian neighbour BRUNEI
A real gin cocktail produced in Africa ALGERIAN
Accountant heads for Uruguay, Columbia and America from political meeting CAUCUS
Bitter state telling it like it is ACRID
Careerists dismiss care of family member SISTER
Criminals with curtailed mode of transport initially targeted – it’s a put up? CONSTRUCT
Delicacy from takeaway produced by Frank, the undiplomatic type TACTLESS
Don to take a dip in top beach near Island Family Holiday Centre BIKINI
Finishes the job and gets out of Bath PULLSTHEPLUG
Fully prepared, for the most part, to put it in the smokehouse that’s safe and sound SECURE
He got away from shooter to settle down ROOST
Hot items from auction returned by workers heading off STOLEN
In addition, upset over Clare getting lost with wild cat OCELOT
Is it about taking job for general editor or is it arranged again? REORDERED
NHS is crazy over archaeological site parties SHINDIGS
Old Bob can be cross over one endless cutting type SCISSORS
Old type of processor in farm concerns regulator in touch with Irish Water STOPCOCK
One of those manipulating the system to switch the jury CONTROLPANEL
Prepare the board for what the union negotiator is likely to do? SETTHEMUP
Protection for characters in impoverished geopolitics HEDGE
Put too much emphasis on dove or cuckoo OVERDO
Resign from waitressing in area that’s a growing concern for dieter WAIST
Stick around college official losing the head working with the Polish CLEANING
Switches 14 across from the start at school CONTROLS
Take it easy for half the journey on cruise going from Malin Head to Mizen Head COASTTOCOAST
The Spanish stitch them up in this place or in another place ELSEWHERE
Where those directing operations in The West Wing and others do their jobs leading 18 across in The House CONTROLROOMS
Where you’d expect to find Peter refusing to face the reality INDENIAL

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