Irish Times (Crosaire) – Nov 16 2018

Clues Answers
Board member from Switzerland is on the plane CHAIRMEN
Commercial vehicle for major employer STAFFCAR
Compliance of nemeses working over the weekend MEEKNESS
Cost includes mean lunch for regular at The Palace PRINCE
Drunk vintner swallows nothing produced by pioneer? INVENTOR
Gamble could be a drama for Las Vegas rollers PLAYDICE
Gangster followed by copper consumed by thulium – a white powdery substance TALCUM
General type of direction for those in charge of War Horse, presumably, in The Abbey ORDER
Guidelines for Bill with bad habit ADVICE
Handpicked by Charlie Pipe to condemn foundation CHOSEN
Has no input in occupation producing hot drink COCOA
I’ve no idea mafia boss is some piece of work and fairly mean (3’1,3,2) DONTASKME
It’s as close to the end as you could possibly get and within walking distance of a flat? Bizarre! NEARFATAL
Keeps under control with messy sanction CONTAINS
Most of those in 7 down and 20 down writing popular form of entertainment CROWDPLEASER
Polite request for parking to rent PLEASE
Riot comes out of rifle shot – those in 17 down won’t get this FLESH
Spheroid from space is synonymous with old romance BALLROOM
Stand up to bank’s research scientist RESIST
State shirt-maker hits out REMARK
Stripped of meat and fresh leeks and it’s not served up SKELETON
Taken by patient, captain of industry and speed-merchant? DRUGBARON
Talk off the cuff for ages leaving bag ladies ADLIB
Tenor, old French composer and sailor take to the road and go overseas TRAVELABROAD
The arts student’s first job in the pawnshop comes as a surprise to The Tourists CULTURESHOCK
The supporters of team tour of Roswell FOLLOWERS
They unlock many doors in the museum for openers? SKELETONKEYS
Types of masses for a number of flocks CROWDS

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