Irish Times (Crosaire) – Nov 17 2018

Clues Answers
Aggressive behaviour locally following the matches? AFTERS
Almond flavoured biscuit produced at a fair RATAFIA
Away with the players sent to Coventry OUTCAST
Being easily riled, loses the head on drink with Peter M. Cook in outhouse SHORTTEMPERED
Bit of nasty exploitation is an eyesore? STYE
Blonde type of dame left ashamed ASH
Break switch behind item in circulation TIMEOFF
Brief period to advance to capital, bridging the gap? SHORTTERMLOAN
Cheer for Degas coming out of stage door ROOT
Chops up the starter of dates with cold refreshments DICES
Copper can switch lanes on the road dangerously CUTIN
Criticise local guesthouse for second time in Dublin seaside town RUBBISH
Cuts out strong drink and 22 across on bender SHORTCIRCUITS
Dante left untainted by one of those base types UNIT
Doing nothing for banks on the way out DOOR
Game time in Clare TENNIS
Gets a kicking for having no ties to Bastille BALL
Ideal for those getting to grips with Moby Dick, for instance, or a slip of the tongue? HARPOON
Irish beach party on island is caught by those on the road TRAFFIC
Master key is missing – yes, in a place of commercial activity MARKET
Meatier stew from Muslim lands EMIRATE
Most of the wise guys found in Rhone swimming as a form of therapy HORMONE
Netherlander loses dental address in Berlin HERREN
On the trail of most of those in 27 down AFTER
One of those from dress shop is not in Trim OUTFIT
Our star is an early riser SUN
Paths coming off hospital from the olive trees OIL
Peter’s out with Rani from Brisbane EBBS
Refuse the little ones among the boxers LITTER
Some of the hysteria flaring up in Donnybrook, for example FAIR
Study of The Chamber ROOM
Tartans talking to Bohemians, for example CZECHS
Trump restrains first person to tip Hillary to win TRIUMPH
Typical of all sides today low on funds SHORT
Undertakers asked out – presumably, this is the reply? RETURN
What court reporter heard in as few words as possible SHORTSENTENCE
What goes around comes around? CIRCUIT
What was said to boxer in depositions SIT

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