Irish Times (Crosaire) – Nov 19 2018

Clues Answers
Burst of speed starting off marathon – is that an issue for the paper? PRINTRUN
Caught Michael mixing drug CHEMICAL
College pool fails to open for a spell CURSE
Conservatives dismiss soviets in The Chamber CAVERN
Could be a place of interest in suburban kingdom BANK
Creepy sort could be capable of sour grapes VINE
Daisy’s relative produced firm’s money orders COSMOS
Do the people running this firm have a cheese board and food processor? CREAMERY
Fine wool from state on Indian and Chinese border CASHMERE
General recollections in the words of a number of people who witnessed the fight WARMEMOIRS
Godlike rule by those people over a church with foremost heretic THEARCHY
Hang on, this is fishy to one of those in hospital LINGER
Held in court for disturbing the peace RACKET
Just before closing time, isn’t the first Frenchman interrupting Monet drunk? LASTMOMENT
Lampoon teacher over a primary text at the beginning of essay SATIRE
Megabits of code for those in no hurry BAGSOFTIME
Mental acuity and limits to William Butler Yeats WITS
Most of the dry white wine historically in drink from French region ALSACE
Night out for the men from Spain having a number of courses to follow in the field, for example STAGEDIRECTIONS
One of the heroes getting a score? The church warns against this sort of behaviour! IDOLATRY
Opening toast with Ruth’s Oriental spirit – that’ll sincerely get them talking TRUTHSERUM
Remove pot from speedboat or ocean liner? SEABED
Roulette ball limits circular movement ROLL
Some clich? repeated in this place HERE
Support for one of those playing the game BACK
They stand up for the artists in the studio EASELS
Took into consideration as uncle did badly INCLUDED
Veteran model outside Ring to get a facelift RENOVATE

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