Irish Times (Crosaire) – Nov 2 2018

Clues Answers
A fair amount of 18 across from the bakery with limitless frozen desserts could be works of art MASTERPIECES
A touch of genius from Emperor Butterfly, for one MASTERSTROKE
Area with a type of gold taken to task for getting the newcomer to order the striped paint (1,4’1,6) AFOOLSERRAND
Country, for example, brings up the matter of consumption USAGE
Developed pure petal that’s everlasting PERPETUAL
Finish off a cider bottle and put away ERADICATE
Got the impression society needs changing SENSED
Half of 14 across working in classy surroundings MASTER
Made a bid to do a job at the American bar for English revolutionary TENDERED
Made it known nun is mixed up with deacon ANNOUNCED
Mistakenly rated by profession TRADE
No harm in nightmare or that’s the slight suspicion TINGE
Of course, warnings from those doing driving test studying the layout of Barna Woods, for example FORESTRY
Pick up the tab for workers the first to talk in therapy TREATMENT
Picked up butcher’s red meats MASTERED
Plump type loses rag in Grand Tour ROTUND
Pretends to amuse oneself and isn’t idle PLAYACTS
Punch from boxer is a favourite PUPPET
Refuses to deal with Toby Scot drunk BOYCOTTS
Relative behind unionist institute gets a taste of Japan UMAMI
Second winner in lottery embarrassed by something cosmetic TOILETRY
Something for someone who won’t be patient at night in the guest quarters DAYBED
The one pulling the strings in 19 down and 25 across PUPPETMASTER
Wander off following a wayward path ASTRAY
Warm spot for Central Hotel HEARTH
Warm up on the bicycle – it’s bound to raise the temperature HEATPUMP
What wine expert will do removing introduction – bet it goes at the bottom of a page as a footnote ASTERISK
Women from Britain in Asia mixing up hot condiment WASABI

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