Irish Times (Crosaire) – Nov 20 2018

Clues Answers
Accepts this challenges the directors TAKESONBOARD
All that remains of a rough draft, in a writing sense SKELETON
Bells – a rum blend? For those stuck-up types on the beach! UMBRELLAS
Crazy angle about leaders giving up argument with English LANGUAGE
Describes King Cole tipsy on aged spirit MERRYOLDSOUL
Domestic plot is at the hub of stock options for The Cherry Orchard GARDENCENTRE
English and French men delayed coming back around mid-morning? Hard Cheese! EMMENTAL
Gets on a train at the end of 5 down going to school BOARDS
Glasnevin potato vines, for example, found on Mount Everest CLIMBERS
Handed over legal document covering one of those producing bile DELIVERED
Humble Wordsworth works in Montana MODEST
It’s not important why one can’t see The Invisible Man NOMATTER
Items discarded around yard in block STYMIE
Nearly overwhelm with jobs in body shops for potential school leavers STUDENTS
Rugby player in the middle of recent action CENTRE
Sample covered up in a tureen of kidney NATURE
Sermonise dismissing REM and the awful sounds NOISES
Served up Mexican dish in the foreign spot LOCATE
Some takeover sensitive to Limerick VERSE
Sounds like confusing path for conservative Playboy bird CORNCRAKE
Speculate Kojak is to come back to life THEORISE
Subject to helpmate getting rid of pal THEME
Suspects The Bishops are living there over the school SENSES
The belief is, there’s no gas to be found in God’s acre CREDO
The Observer intro is a revelation EYEOPENER
Those working on The Wire produced lots of sparks ELECTRICIANS
Type of agents holding up the train SLEEPERS
Where you might find a stout type for Panto adaptation ONTAP

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