Irish Times (Crosaire) – Nov 21 2018

Clues Answers
At the end of the year, worker gets transfer DECANT
AXA Ireland out of place in Egypt ALEXANDRIA
Charges young man losing the head on bombing raids ADMISSIONS
Clay loses head suffering from last fight and ends up on the canvas OILPAINT
Cyberspace raid perhaps is leaked? EMISSION
Every so often disregarding everyone is not hard SOFT
First short record about rebellious college produced by The Cure ANTIDOTE
Frenchman on course has a reputation for being lucky with the followers MASCOT
Guinness head on a number of beers from the bar – the earthy type GROUND
Hurt someone’s feelings with rotten conclusion OFFEND
Is this about one of those selling drink to one of those calling closing time at The Palace perhaps? REPUBLICAN
Making a comeback, hairy swimmer heads for Blasket Islands lagoon for musical script for Riders to the Sea, for example LIBRETTO
Means of identifying different types of horses including tips for Musselburgh, Epsom, Taunton, Ascot NAMETAGS
On reflection, snap out of it and imagine Oscar getting into good shape (4,2,5,2,2) COMETOTHINKOFIT
Paper in touch with creator of The ‘RA? SUNGOD
Part of splendid lecture doesn’t work IDLE
Prepared a whopper for deli salad LIED
Revolutionary swallows the last part of 9 across served up in pasta MACARONI
Saucy type upsets bowler in taking second wicket TAHINI
Seneca carelessly admits line is from the end of purges CLEANSES
Sheds some light on staff ringing Donegal CANDLE
Some characters involved in Egyptian feast DINE
Some develop a sauce served up at breakneck speed ASAP
Sounds like relative will buy in Indian city MUMBAI
Team driven by a driver carrying some of The Boys in Blue SQUADCAR
The play is old school with cultural values ETHOS
What Adam has stretched out in a ground floor apartment GARDENFLAT
Who’s out to demonstrate the truth of something? SHOW

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