Irish Times (Crosaire) – Nov 22 2018

Clues Answers
Cautioned playing in the classy practice for those in the academy EDUCATION
Chill in brand new castle from the start KEEPFRESH
Cooperative is prepared to cover workers from association AMENABLE
Extracts from the end of 22 across and the end of The Troubles ESSENCES
Father last seen on top of the Garda car SIREN
Handyman primarily tunes piano in school with aerosol HAIRSPRAY
Hymn with a line that comes after parade PROCESSIONAL
In part, Christian Gershwin rubs people up the wrong way ANGERS
Is getting out of Carlisle for a basement in Bordeaux CELLAR
Issues with what’s at the end of 14 across COPIES
It’s not right to chop up fleas FALSE
Large numbers to exploit for the most part for those with pride MILLIONS
Lucrative enterprise in capital for evil-doer handling pressure MONEYSPINNER
Must get out of Mousetrap and Madame Butterfly OPERA
One way to watch television play – and men do ONDEMAND
Opens 14 across in Li?ge? MASTER
Original recordings by expert on apes MASTERCOPIES
Picked up ahead of traffic island and then conked out TIDIED
Prophet or a cleric concealed in part ORACLE
Reds removed from barricades, in a manner of speaking ARABIC
Remove snip from winepress and jugs EWERS
Sounds like residencies for The Three Sisters and those looking after the welfare of Old Vic, among others NURSINGHOMES
Sporting lady paid out solidly STRONGLY
Take a couple of breaths in the passage – it could be the butterflies? COMMAS
Take a draw when not at home – with this approach there’s no hiding place SMOKEOUT
The most assertive nuisance admits my group is mostly cool PUSHIEST
What the Prodigal Son could do to show up The House COMEHOME
What’s trending is intrinsic when all is said and done INESSENCE

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