Irish Times (Crosaire) – Nov 23 2018

Clues Answers
Advances far away from Flanders LENDS
Annuals, for example, for 1983, 1984 and for the end of the 1990s YEARBOOKS
Arabian removes museum from summer house HORSE
Arrange a horse pen with listening devices EARPHONES
Bad language perhaps, in a manner of speaking SLANG
Bread and port is a concern for the author working in the banking business MONEYLENDING
Cast a spell over writer heading off from state down under perhaps? ENTRANCE
Has to have grape juice and it’s unavoidable NEEDSMUST
Held a map out helping the viewer to see in the dark HEADLAMP
Insulting recently divorced partner with drinks before closing time PARTINGSHOTS
Left individual with a handful of missing people LONESOME
Lose it in rave HAVEATANTRUM
Most of The Sting is a pain in the face THROB
No Asians in San Sebastian on holiday ABSENT
Paper on D-Day rubbished by wrongdoer starting off the weekly roast SUNDAYDINNER
Satyr has trouble with those holding onto the remnants of the camels ASHTRAYS
Saving for fancy nice rugs RESCUING
School admission is the one to watch SENTRY
She ruins smashing welcomes USHERSIN
Small type of bridge over river is perfect for those going a short distance STROLL
Spies American reporting Lou AGENTS
Spot for a yacht crew getting away from Crimean War MARINA
State did a job for the bakers when it was required NEEDED
Sutherland dismisses nuts in the paper HERALD
The answer is in the clue? SOLUTION
Town crier loses row with local idiot CRETIN
Tudor settlement around old order and school with open space OUTDOORS
Two men with a Texas neighbour LOUISIANA

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