Irish Times (Crosaire) – Nov 24 2018

Clues Answers
A foreign revolutionary holds up one getting results or one doing worse than expected? UNDERACHIEVER
A French-German article on power of missing players UNDERSTRENGTH
A little husky boxer with years ahead of him PUPPY
Canadian drops acid with older relative NANA
Composer dismisses Morse – the Detective Chief Inspector, for one COP
Corporate division produces endless amount of drinks SALES
Criminal hunted by river making a loud noise THUNDER
Dawn’s leaving Wednesday – how is that viewed? EYED
Describes hen-pecked type perhaps in three European articles – essential if you want a lift Underthethumb
Describes patient type in surgery or in the theatre UNDERTHEKNIFE
Director’s call to Cher on the radio CUT
Every man takes off army uniform EVEN
Foreign politician sets up lease with direction from church TEMPLE
Funny actor admits reading piece of the plot CARROT
Hold criminal in on act CONTAIN
In Berlin, the cutbacks, politically speaking, could undermine the capital? RED
It hurts father at home to find you in Florida PAINFUL
Jockey’s silks, for example, in stable UNIFORM
Leave out citation that doesn’t include Regina EXCEPT
One of those on foot took cue from Chaucer ARCH
One of those on The Board is checking out the sights you hear about SURFER
Painful exposure in paper is almost overdone SUNBURN
Partner with swine fever loses nerves WIFE
Passage is found in Rabelais’ Le Tiers Livre AISLE
Pictures of spies locking up lads CINEMA
Place for Hugo Boss to cultivate PLOUGH
Point or goal? PURPOSE
Put away by characters in state attorney’s office EAT
Put out by first Tory leader in The Paper TISSUE
Refute a strange piece in the paper FEATURE
Relates to panellist ignoring pain TELLS
Sheds a stolen collection LEANTOS
Sister’s insurance doesn’t include Erica NUNS
Small group in organisation flips over odd clues NUCLEUS
Some renowned genius from The Fringe EDGE
Throw one’s arms around sweetheart from Titanic HUGE
Unclear play relates to a type of energetic family? NUCLEAR
What’s concealed by mediocre soldiers exchanged for cash again RESOLD

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