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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Nov 27 2018

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Clues Answers
Bit of Palermo tortellini for the journey MOTOR
Chile can’t disturb what’s scientifically specialised TECHNICAL
Crazy maniac entertains soldier by pulling rabbits out of a hat MAGICIAN
Delegation dine out in the Italian parlour GELATO
Dressing up for function at foundation with junior reporters – presumably they have their pride LIONCUBS
Everything is backed up by leader’s generous attention welcomed by The House Representatives IMAGES
Fragment of overwritten anthology on the landlord’s books TENANT
Head introduces university to one of Lily’s family TULIP
It’s got nothing to do with taking away one of the tables ADDITION
It’s not us losing the head with Biblical figure – it could be the wise guys THEMOB
It’s the origin of nice Pinot served INCEPTION
It’s under control in old part of the allotment on Irish domain by nectarine trees, for starters OBEDIENT
Made a ruling – verged on ridiculous GOVERNED
Malnourished missing soldier? Corporal! HUMAN
Museum display of Socialist realism, for example, set-up by dealer TRADER
Old one suspects the local fool NOODLE
One of those bringing up the jerseys is playing Friday – prepare for a battle DAIRYFARM
Piece on The Clash leads to bitter exchange in the west GUNFIGHT
Produced a scent with attitude STANCE
Relentless, unreliable type of mannerism by twin losing the head at pop-up bar HABITUALLIAR
Show-off in game is a mystery to others ENIGMA
Some therapy emended by Saudi Arabian neighbour YEMEN
Suggest taking ”vista” out of inverted commas RECOMMEND
Supports scoop of the summer – ‘Found in possession of 1 across’ ICECREAMCONE
Teacher with a number of gowns perhaps and mortarboards HEADGEAR
What the devil is capable of is not right, for example BADINFLUENCE
Where to find one of those serving in army headquarters? At the bar! BASELINE
You always get that after the death of a salesman, for instance, as there will be no show after this FINALCURTAIN