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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Nov 29 2018

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Clues Answers
Agitated warder gets compensation REWARD
At the end of 14 across, enfant terrible loses the head with beastly type of good swimmer WATERRAT
Crucial play with right message for wider distribution CIRCULAR
English novice gets stitch on this spot or another place ELSEWHERE
Foolish figure first to help ASSIST
Hasn’t a minute to spare to describe work ethic of the honey producers (2,4,2,1,3) ASBUSYASABEE
Herb’s jazz myths about One Direction THYMES
Heretic loses it with Joy CHEER
Hostile force in unstable Yemen ENEMY
Irish love consuming food with the last of the vintage port or Harp in Ireland, for instance GREATSEAL
It’s feedback thanks be to God RESPONSE
Local dealer is right? He’s the type of guy presumably used to sabre-rattling FENCER
Local subsidises those with the dough for the baps and blaas BANKROLLS
Market research? Go take a running jump! TESTTHEWATER
Offshoot of female support for concert hall BRANCH
Peter’s out of English hostelry and going south on holiday EBBSAWAY
Portion of the lamb graze by the temporary accommodation CUTLET
Refuse to upset polite chap at base DEBRIS
See! Don’t say I didn’t warn you TOLDYOUSO
Shock as Martin’s travelling companion is going to hospital ASTONISH
Swore badly, as it’s not getting any better WORSE
Talk nasty about support for Sting BACKBITE
The Examiner is looking for evidence of a bad habit TESTER
The sense to compliment a stewardess inside TASTE
The truth about Sporting Life – it might give you a smile, cosmetically speaking FACELIFT
They’re designed for those approaching retirement or for those pitching temporary accommodation SLEEPINGBAGS
What a successful bounty hunter might do with allegation by American in 7 down CLAIMAREWARD
Worships images of tailored dress IDOLATER