Irish Times (Crosaire) – Oct 1 2018

Clues Answers
A number of dashes, for example, for 24 across, period PUNCTUATIONMARK
Aspects off the streetscape from the forest TREE
Awful line doesn’t provide confirmation of strong Pacific influence ELNINO
Banks making light work of grade from credit rating agency, for instance MARK
Car worker found behind old Greek city is the pre-eminent supporter of The Union THEBESTMAN
Character on the periphery of Monaghan neighbourhood MOOD
Cheating problem concerns those working at the institution TEACHING
Consumed capers from Eastern Cape EATEN
Encouraging words for half of 17 down DOIT
Endless epic novels by males, for example SPECIMEN
Grass with trendy design about to be cut back INFORMER
Is it to exaggerate – party leader is consumed by what’s not under the table? OVERDOIT
Lads falling off sailboards – it could be the pressure staying on a line ISOBAR
Let off for first murder? It’s an eye-opener, begging your pardon! EXCUSEME
Make up title on the origin of species NATUREBOOK
Meant to leave statement and let it stand as it was STET
Meeting place for ethnic group getting set of lectures RACECOURSE
One of The Stones consumes new type of stout PINT
Outlaw bar is near hotel BANISH
Potential private dinner date in trouble with partner MESSMATE
Reviews Hamlet, for example, for a Frenchman and a wild woman from Greece MAENAD
Robust writing in analysis STURDY
Set down in black and white by editor behind paper DOCUMENTED
Some characters layoff a bricklayer in construction, in the building sense FABRIC
The jury is still out on a French pastry recipe for starters in the kitchen UNPROVEN
Usual sod dug out of moorlands NORMAL
What one might take when taking leave is off the wall WAYOUT
Whip out hanky, as it shows some gratitude THANKYOU

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