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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Oct 11 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

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26 across is curiously forgiven over starting argument with one of those employed in a chip shop BOTTLEOFVINEGAR
Conclude for certain, actor is missing INFER
Danes leaving syndicate in Copenhagen, for example CITY
Daughter is unfamiliar with the foreign piece of cake DODDLE
Dietary concern for Arabian? Getting iron on top of vitamins in hospital for what’s an allergic reaction! HAYFEVER
Finish play about leading light COMPLETE
Finished up in Rostrevor OVER
Gathers away from ghetto blaster with one of those full of drink BOTTLE
Guard in operative’s Cortina ESCORT
I am passing myself off as being impressive in a controlling way IMPOSING
Is very bitter describing those in 25 across VINEGARY
It describes the awful accommodation of the man downstairs, as it’s not much to look at? UGLYASHELL
It’s picked up in rubbish collection by lake LOCH
Larks in a wild island country SRILANKA
Musical conclusion to part of flamenco dance CODA
No tension in novelisations produced by musicians in a string quartet perhaps VIOLAS
Nothing to do with rising pitch from old group of musicians starting to go off Handel’s Messiah, for example ORATORIO
Open to women following a foreign type of music UNWRAP
Out of sorts retiring from hospital in Rush DASH
Popular writer of score INSCRIBE
Representations of wine to go with fish heads and loin servings PORTRAYALS
Send him down to bar room for what the waiter delivered COURTORDER
Take stock from tuck shops to promote PUSH
The Greens in South Africa associated with those working in a stable environment SALADS
The plight of sister leaving the fold when not working OUTOFORDER
Those at the end of 15 across served the first of the sour tasting liquids VINEGARS
Trim rose, cutting back, for example, for Patsy STOOGE
Unfocused, having no fun in old capital ESCUDO