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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Oct 12 2018

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Clues Answers
Assembled the dirt on most of those in 19 down and did The D?il a service perhaps CLEANEDHOUSE
Bill from The House covers popular Second Amendment appealing to Roman prejudices rather than reason ADHOMINEM
Bosses one of those in The Palace and needles mate? KINGPINS
Can’t be saved by teacher losing the head with convert up to the task IRREDEEMABLE
Church leaders greet rare review that’s a fair bit touchy HIERARCHY
Couple of beastly figures up north capable of getting away with murder ASSASSIN
Cute animals down in Ring, regrettably KOALAS
Dessert with fruit is not finished with the fragrant colourful flowers on the rise SWEETPEA
Elder statesmen to get rid of the smart set for Spike NEEDLE
Ethical dame is not involved in melodrama MORAL
Fail to get out of qualifiers with an English gentleman SQUIRE
First act from The Onedin Line opens on lost ring-shaped island ATOLL
Hides half of Jacob’s smokes OBSCURES
Hotelier takes out the bay window ORIEL
Is not open or shut? CLOSED
Lovers married drunk on bender ADMIRERS
Machiavellian type guarding old, old city in a bitter way SOURLY
Minor playing drums from the start in Genesis NIMROD
One of those running 10 across out west for person behind bars SALOONKEEPER
Pub auction doesn’t include front and back of 11 down ALEHOUSE
Rent lemon complex? That’s some admission! ENROLMENT
Revolutionary got married at end of mutiny, witnessed by emotional, nostalgic type DEWYEYED
Road anger – the like of which you don’t really see in barren space MIRAGE
Sample of vindaloo fare can be reserved ALOOF
Samples drink with duck in filo bake PORTFOLIO
Small fabled runner from old state of Split SHAREOUT
Someone’s confidence using GPS heading off can be stressful NERVERACKING
Takes advantage of surprise opening for a number of families HOUSES