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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Oct 13 2018

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Clues Answers
A follower in the religious sense of non-believer ATHEIST
All that remains of a type of aluminium material wrapped around ship FOSSIL
Arrives with big bill for place in wild PELICAN
Backing track tells a story but not necessarily the right one LIAR
Bottled up in feelings for swimmer EEL
Briefly cough up taking runny syrup copyrighted presumably by the Egyptians PAPYRUS
Cohort of the characters appear loud in the House of Lords EARL
Do one’s best to to write off for what’s in The Mirror, as you see it APPLYYOURSELF
French paper laid out and consumed in the parlour FRAPPE
Friend retires from racing circuit LAP
Get back from Puerto Rico without taking in riot RECOUP
Gorilla throws away log from the animal house LAIR
Jean’s make-up, alas, is missed by ladies’ man DENIM
Kay and Dicky to the locals in Kildare KILL
Lad’s van damaged by hooligans VANDALS
Loses the head with relationships as they leave indelible marks INKS
Make a killing with tip in Cup CLEANUP
Put out of action in the mechanical sense by orca swimming off Majorca JAM
Questions things to do off the top of the head ASKS
Risk taker is fashionable, confident and right INSURER
Rub in on trim body and resist the temptation to touch – it’s what fighters have to do to guarantee the rest APPLYFORLEAVE
Rule out draw LURE
Sells Earl and Lady Grey drinks for short trip TEASHOP
Short month in Pakistan with a spicy type PAPRIKA
Sketch again unnatural tree lines RETELL
Some hockey edginess kept under surveillance EYED
Son gets out of limousine in cultural surroundings MILIEU
Sound derives from volume and moving dial VALID
Summit following 20 down opened by computer specialist perhaps LAPTOP
Supervisor cleans out pores – it might cause infection VIRUS
Take advantage of one’s credit rating and make a request to a person who takes interest in their work APPLYFORALOAN
Take olives away from Seville orange – and that’s not being particular? GENERAL
The bar discovered in Delaware LAW
Tito ignored by dictatorial type of extremist RADICAL
Top player puts it on JERSEY
Twist someone’s arm to send off a curriculum vitae for Harry APPLYPRESSURE
What all sides today put into practice APPLY
What the clown needs for broken leg and twitch WIGGLE