Irish Times (Crosaire) – Oct 15 2018

Clues Answers
A neighbour of 13 down from the start in Australia running trains AUSTRIAN
A new bill in California refers to state over the American border CANADA
Boxer loses the head with half of those in 25 across – is that correct? UPDATE
College at the end of term in Arabian country has party for one going on The Missions COMMANDO
Conservatism is terrified internally by address MISTER
Custodian releasing cons – it’s every tax-payers worry AUDIT
Dragged one’s feet in Northern Ireland after momentum was lost SLOWEDDOWN
Drive relative to get hold of fake Monet MOMENTUM
European from Bordeaux is drunk in the Mosel GERMANWINE
Extra room to spare? MARGIN
Faithful subject out to ?? I’ll say! LOYALIST
Frank is in part of Copenhagen OPEN
Grounds for English to say it ESTATE
It crops up with wild crocus OCCURS
Just afraid to drop ad FAIR
Keep tabs on police REGULATE
One of those American footballers is on the phone RECEIVER
Operatic song from familiar film is missing ARIA
Poses with strategists dismissing targets SITS
Quantify for Northern political party what the man of the cloth did MEASUREDUP
Raises donations in pub dinner INDIAN
Refers to an extremely precarious situation that’s in suspension and only a hair’s breath away? SWORDOFDAMOCLES
Some stealth aircraft tends to get clipped HAIR
Toff leaves fast food and drink SODA
Tried to hold-up first bill from government lawyer and it came to nothing HADAGO
Try to win with Dublin, Limerick as well as Nottingham Forest WOODLAND
Turn a blind eye without Beryl Flood INUNDATE
What those having a laugh are capable of with sage and head of cauliflower in place of ginger at school WISECRACKS

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