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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Oct 16 2018

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Clues Answers
A Celt’s building in Dungannon owned by Hugh O’Neill CASTLE
A charmed sort is mesmerized by what’s found in Art Deco bracelet COBRA
Be patient – might do this in the waiting room for a favourable outcome (4,3’1,4) BIDEONESTIME
Best produced tofu salad to go with beef OUTFOX
Damage part of the cage holding the bones of cocaine found on American boat CRACKARIB
Dean leaves broad beans to soak ABSORB
Free Press – a type that’ll get the ball rolling PASSER
Got a job at a club that’s popular and on arrival did this for receptionist SIGNEDIN
Grub from the foreign holiday camper is key LARVA
Irish writer is losing the head on trend for leaders of a nasty business entertaining hoods in Prohibition BRENDANBEHAN
It must be said time and time again, this has already been highlighted STRESSED
It’s a long story getting caught with debts showing all the hallmarks of a wise guy SAGACIOUS
Lookers-on dismiss Oslo – the Norwegian capital KRONE
Make up most of the story about conversation pieces in the Gaeltacht and those seeing things BIFOCALS
Most of the fees for joining a registered Women’s Institute in Central America COSTARICA
Most of them go the distance with most of 20 down, succeeding when others thought they failed – Ha! THELASTLAUGH
No lairds in Lake District will give access to concert TICKET
Scout Kit produced by Project STICKOUT
Shows one’s amusement leading to the foreign expressions of disgust LAUGHS
Small measure of musty Merlot around the end of function? That’s some admission! ENROLMENT
Sounds like a film to take advantage of perhaps AVAIL
Stabilises off site or in the allotment BASILS
Swinger’s warning about old city commotion furore
Take a photo on holiday of what some cowboys came up with to settle an argument SHOOTOUT
They recognise a good yarn when they hear it ignoring the veracity of the facts LIEDETECTORS
Times can change the meaning of words SEMANTIC
Ulster bus lane potentially is not fit for purpose UNUSABLE
Wine tasting initially set-up for those taking places at the Horse Show ROSETTES