Irish Times (Crosaire) – Oct 18 2018

Clues Answers
A bad review by leading horticulturist and an expert in a particular field ADABHAND
A Milan butcher provides food for the meat eaters ANIMAL
Allow cook to prepare starter in batter WALLOP
Alumni made up a fair amount of jury with inspirational leader LUMINARY
Book on The Street is hard work for the most part or brings a smile to one’s face? BROADGRIN
Bring up after Power offers commendation PRAISE
Conceded New Media is about race to deliver capital ADMITTED
Drop of DNA taken from red panda DRAPE
Endless time to encourage one of those from school STURGEON
Exercises little dogs burying most of the salad stuff! PRESSUPS
Freak out with release (4,3’1,4) Loseonesgrip
Furlong got along badly – is it the bottle? FLAGON
Having the same opinion as top lawyer finding drugs hidden by wedding band AGREEING
Horseplay perhaps after drink leads to game of pool? WATERPOLO
Hostility to engineering college overseas in US city ENMITY
In my book, the forecasters will read something into these LEAVES
Is not working with old lead in Fame for the season around when it’s coldest DEADOFWINTER
Lament for potential partner in clip SHEDATEAR
Meant to get out of Parliament after march APRIL
Only the man upstairs was there for premiere of The Big Bang perhaps OPENINGNIGHT
Peter Pan releases app that’s key to computer ENTER
Piece of fiction celebrating The Dead – it’s something to experience if one is not out for the night LIEAWAKE
Pop out with individual workers losing the head with the critics OPPONENTS
Rig comes off ring road in Trim ADORN
Stylish short Frenchman gets to ask for money briefly for the hospital deliveries in Dublin COOMBE
Took off from Knock going back to Oxford and stopped working PARODIED
Tremble walking and running through Dublin DODDER
What loyalist said he’d do in The Castle for individuals for part of the sentence (4,3’1,4) KEEPONESWORD

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