Irish Times (Crosaire) – Oct 2 2018

Clues Answers
A Frenchman might be boring with debts or desperate to be successful AMBITIOUS
A tax on artist retiring as virtual icon AVATAR
Bacon’s partner is downstairs with shady type EGGSHELL
Banks cash flow analysis of what’s consumed in France CASSIS
Champagnes from the 1949 & 1953 vintages are mature and the sommelier would recommend them OLDWINES
Commute a sentence locking up kid TEASE
Director is dropped from Sky Channel DRAIN
Dubious tablet competition BATTLE
Finishes most of 26 across with medic – the popular one from The Palace knocking back the Chablis WINEDRINKING
Interrupting those having a ball by making a sarcastic comment that’s fashionable CUTTINGIN
Is not entertaining brief part on The Bridge – the one caught with the drug NARCOTIC
Is worn out by The Don perhaps teaching others a lesson on how to steal ecstasy ACADEMICROBE
Marginal correction is disturbing ALARMING
Offers blanket coverage perhaps of extract from Trump on choices PONCHO
Old police force in Channel Islands finding local stimulant is not what the Count wants to see CRUCIFIX
Old Roman administrators of university in Meath town opposed to leaders in regional innovation TRIUMVIRI
One of the assets and most of the old local money in Cork LIQUID
Opens 18 across and 10 across with oral examinations in Bordeaux perhaps WINETASTINGS
Paramilitaries reject measure of intelligence from Middle East resident IRAQI
Passing note disregarding spies from friendly island TONGAN
Point-to-point permits high flyers SWALLOWS
Prickly type in 23 down left TEASEL
Question in court for vet in a bad mood from the start CROSSEXAMINE
Running through Cork carrying Monet all over the place from art centre bears fruit LEMONTREE
Sally’s cuts around broken toes RIPOSTES
Strong dislike of housemaids scattering ashes ODIUM
Suspect swallows new drink in the bar – it’s not a full alcoholic measure SHANDY
Trying out more than one of those in 1 across or reviewing samples of The Libation Bearers TASTINGS

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