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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Oct 2 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

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Clues Answers
A foreign scene with unexpected ending to straighten out UNTWIST
A type of man that divides the theatre? AISLE
Address individual shortly with all retiring from The Standard NORM
American finishes major public search on foot ARCH
Bit of improvisation required for getting into some countries VISA
Blooms in spring, in ruins, oddly IRIS
Come to terms with the budgetary excess on unfinished accommodation FATHOM
Country artist consumed by one’s ability to intellectually reason IRAQ
Covered by Marty Lewis making a comeback with Wings? ELYTRA
Endless choice of starters namedropped in caf? for meal outside PICNIC
English model is sprawled out on the beach SHINGLE
Enthusiast from academy in fur NUTRIA
Get into a knot over blunder on first run by dog TERRIER
In a roundabout way, it’s not down to writing fiction at university or in the surrounding area PURLIEU
Indians not getting aid from locals INNS
It’s A Wonderful Life – or child’s play without the chaps? IDYLL
Lament in Belgium for one, in principle, on reflection BEWAIL
Make available to one of the teachers SUPPLY
Nearly empty, cold yard that’s open to those who want it VACANCY
Nero is wildly more intrusive than anyone else NOISIER
Nothing in uptown complex as yet UPTONOW
Place up in playa lake LAY
Provides work for those in a jam perhaps in heavy metal trade MUSICBUSINESS
Repulsive state of a wrinkly fruit that’s a hybrid UGLI
Rock salt – five ingredients produced by Lisdoonvarna, for one MUSICFESTIVAL
Rocks dug up in Dodge City ICE
Romeo, Lima, Oscar, Victor, Echo and Charlie Heart? LOVER
Ruin found in Montmartre MAR
Sails craft over the morning from Greek island SALAMIS
She’s out of whiskies and fruit for a summer cocktail perhaps KIWI
Small stimulant to swallow before bedtime SUPPER
Spike raised in Rush NIP
Starts for all sides today, presumably, to score MUSIC
Swallowed deception at republican workshop ATELIER
The foreign drink poured into plutonium produced upland PLATEAU
The least occupied listed building IDLEST
The student prince associated with Dante and Savonarola when sitting down for a party game with numbers MUSICALCHAIRS
They demonstrate the differences between Bass and Harp to those emphasising the importance of studying the notes MUSICTEACHERS