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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Oct 20 2018

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Clues Answers
A Comte salad in that place includes, for starters, fried onions that really stood out CAMETOTHEFORE
A gent consumed by Thomas Pynchon SPY
Any problem with the word coming out of opposition? NAY
Back off caddy – he’s a relative of one of those beastly types BISON
Beastly type made an appearance and left CAMEL
Brigades’ dismissed base network GRID
Cultured type booms out of bedroom suite ERUDITE
Did a rewrite on Dead Men Walking AMENDED
Do wrong thing in part of wedding cake and ends up in the doghouse TERRIER
First-class miner says nothing as a form of self-defence AIKIDO
Hotel vehicle comes back at the end of journey to father’s address HOMILY
Inherited most of 13 across from teachers and coppers CAMEINTOMONEY
Large number from factory will definitely be charged MILLION
Limits M?ni?re’s syndrome going viral MEME
Looking for justice in Geneva going crazy meeting resistance AVENGER
Lose rag in garden’s borders ENDS
Mural of revolutionary with instructive set of words FORMULA
Music and lyrics opens opera and, bitten by the bug, I’m in a feverish state MALARIA
Nerve centre takes in far too much from Bath HOTTUB
Old magazine on both sides of Berlin Wall BELL
Old party solution is not easy on the ear OFFKEY
One serial adaptation of Living in the Middle East ISRAELI
Part of the garrison – a regiment tracking subs SONAR
Refer to bit of Medici testament CITE
Roman drunk third pint of Strongbow, for example NORMAN
Rows with co-authors losing touch OARS
Segment of the debacle from The Sound of Music perhaps CLEF
Send Sam off for utter stupidity MADNESS
Short jacket in trunk at end of corridor is old BOLERO
Show your bald spot to Bob? BOW
Showed up on peculiar boat and toured Germany – a similar experience to Capt Ahab? (4,2,1,3,3) CAMETOABADEND
Some renowned genius from The Fringe EDGE
There’s a theory there’ll be tears over this involving detective OPINION
Thomas Hardy’s characters among The Woodlanders presumably? ASH
Those on the margins lose the head with religious institutes ORDERS
Trollope dismissed Poe as an ugly monster TROLL
What the whistler on the range did to let off steam CAMETOTHEBOIL
Whiskey blows the head off Hurt with most of the heat WARMTH