Irish Times (Crosaire) – Oct 23 2018

Clues Answers
A gent’s associate is fishing for one of those handy types in Ring CONTACTSPORT
College in Orient sabotaged by mass communications system INTERCOM
Cool model’s pout is for potential partner UPTODATE
Coping with board member in senseless order MAKINGDO
Dietician gets rid of aid to stir up trouble INCITE
Discover all over the place how marriages end DIVORCES
For example, Henry the Sixth, from the start, was one of the early invaders of Ireland VIKING
For instance, Chardonnay starting to go off with port and top Tawny is not up to scratch INEPT
Get lost in Tibet? A mistake! BEATIT
Giving one the heads up streaming video without remote ADVISING
How does Carol connect with American dance partner? Twitter! SINGASONG
Is critical of Victoria, Ita and April at The Foundation VITAL
Is Independent doing a solo run? GOINGITALONE
Is only strange in a curious way NOSILY
It’s just about old master with no red ALMOST
It’s not about 23 down finding answer? Everyone is definitely sure about that! NODOUBTATALL
It’s not worth it to back Trim group at benefit POORVALUE
Keep page from book PRESERVE
Lack of confidence in Irishman around old square DOUBT
Leaders of an unusual political alliance, in reality, a proponent of the nanny state perhaps AUPAIR
Learn duet arrangement as is UNALTERED
Pity an oddball following, for example, one of those in Africa EGYPTIAN
Relative is right in part of the stadium for The Banner STANDARD
Serves up, for example, Dorothy’s heavy food STODGE
Someone with a job picking up nails reported to Revenue TAXCOLLECTOR
Son gets out of limousine in cultural surroundings MILIEU
Together with nude model in Titanic, for example, and On the Waterfront SANDDUNES
Travels everywhere return on one day with dancer’s boss SANTA

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