Irish Times (Crosaire) – Oct 29 2018

Clues Answers
”Stewardess kicks out Swedes” – The Sun STAR
Amongst microbes tested in the cream BEST
Approach one of those warming the bench to get the drinks in GOTOTHEBAR
Blast! Short cut goes around motorway BOMB
Build redevelopment with new capital DUBLIN
Confuse uniola at first with wild nettles UNSETTLE
Consumers wind-up those taking drugs ENDUSERS
Feel a bit upset in what’s an irritable spot FLEABITE
Feel bitter about bank’s research department RESENT
Free from interruption on the radio, most of them back out? On the contrary! QUITETHEREVERSE
Hanging around freezing with couple of those in charge of The Spanish Review ICICLE
Hurry up and put your foot down STEPONIT
Joined United? MERGED
Keep this under your hat – it sounds like friar is on holiday TUCKAWAY
Old Wesley is in the red OWES
Olive’s relative from time in school started smoking by holding the ends of the butts ASHTRAYS
Ran away from break-in on the velodrome BIKE
Realise a temperature ain’t problematic ATTAIN
Rested awkwardly in ditch DESERT
Some cartel goes crazy? They’ve missed the boat! LATECOMERS
Some compliments, possible unwelcome, for what one of The Strypes said reportedly to One Direction ATTENTIONS
Spy and detective up to their necks in the plot SEEDS
Take one back for short dress in red REMIND
Too bad for Lincolnshire poacher, for one HARDCHEESE
Useless record about Utah FUTILE
Where one finishes one sentence exactly ONTHEDOT
Women left unwelcome hint CLUE
Women on parish tour with endless crafty lot that could be carriers WARSHIPS

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