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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Oct 4 2018

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Clues Answers
Adaptation so on time of Love/Hate EMOTIONS
Casts a shadow over Dante’s ending in The Inferno SHADES
Cheated family, moreover, from the start TOOKIN
Coached for tense speech TAUGHT
Comedian has a job reading things in other people’s homes GASMAN
Drains coming out of residential establishment ELITE
Fair amount of seminary is cut-off from those sharing with the neighbours SEMIDETACHED
Foreign spirit doctor outside Knock is anonymous GRAPPA
Gate production goes on the road for school holidays GETAWAYS
Hurt over hip replacement for top fundraiser WHIPROUND
Informers upset by those from school lying on the beach STARFISH
Mad plot organised around one running a mission DIPLOMAT
Most of those in 27 across could be found in 6 down, of course HORSE
Old Eastern Europeans broke up a few years ago and no longer living together YUGOSLAVIANS
Opens 17 down in Germany, gets to finish order, and is quick out of the blocks DASHER
Optimism around park is wide of the mark leading to denunciation of how Skippy got away HOPPEDOFF
Osteopath loses seat and it’s captured for posterity by the cameraman PHOTO
Outlets welcoming writing by nags HORSES
Pardon is useless for those involved in knife crime PONIARDS
Regard with disgust how Tom leaves bathroom ABHOR
Residue from the fire in the forest produces a raw material essential to the hurley industry ASHTREES
Reviews No Offence catching two figures central to villainy where jumpy gamblers, of course, are never to be seen Ontheflat
Rocky Tuohy has places to stay around the heart of Essex where The Young Tourists are given residencies YOUTHHOSTELS
Slant of The Stand? VIEWPOINT
Spike with debts is not genuine SPURIOUS
They arrive for the job and are put to work in the computer department APPLICATIONS
Various types initially at the heart of Essex and rocky Dorset ASSORTED
Where you’ll find 27 across might be attractive to the swingers COURSE