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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Oct 5 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

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Clues Answers
A job for a snoop in 19 down for Frank Ward LETTEROPENER
Artist in tasteless clothes is also the earliest to arrive TATTOOIST
Assist Whip in period of inactivity STASIS
Audition leading thespians ahead of unit going to Belgium – and in that, you will find your solution perhaps? TESTTUBE
Changes the locks for period of relaxation around place in Dublin by first of September RESTYLES
Character risked a removal from Kildare Street LETTER
Curtis Rock from the sticks RUSTIC
Describes abandoned place leased to criminal DESOLATE
Detailed aid to the puzzled in California, a large land mass that’s on the Pacific Ocean CHINA
Devout type of teller from the start gets bank job THEIST
Disturbed by advertisement about Soldier Museum AGITATED
Divorcee picks up crafty type of actor – the type who has nothing to say for himself! EXTRA
File contains unit about work – the fine delicate type associated with The Wire FILIGREE
Heads for Royal Meeting? Old horse consumed by jumping game that appeals to childish types in The Spring! LEAPFROGGING
It’s weird to crawl out of bed in strange robes ODDGETUP
Local bust of Shatter? DISINTEGRATE
Metalworker lays down marker to young highflyer OWLET
Old bookmaker – a pioneer among the pressmen and printers? GUTENBERG
Opens diner, eatery, outlet and takeaway DEDUCT
Pass law covering nutrition primarily for the Irish consumers to take in COLCANNON
Poles apart from Irishman and one lawyer taken in by earnings INCOMPATIBLE
Problematic satire about you and I, in a manner of speaking ASITWERE
Raises Lawrence and Rolf Broccoli? Bud! FLORET
Some revolutionary formula sanctioned for type of spray NASAL
Something to eat by a large spring served up PAELLA
Turn up for a race meeting on purpose ATTEND
Work on a film from first light to end of the day getting to where you want to get without changing one’s lines? DIRECTLY
Worker from central Ireland consumed by sad poem left gracefully ELEGANTLY