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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Oct 6 2018

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Clues Answers
A late start to spring turns everything on its head for the Spanish staple PAELLA
Agent linked to Shine’s partner offering to perform again REPRISE
Away with the players sent to Coventry OUTCAST
Case in point – giving up nicotine, the poisonous type ASP
Caution butcher for selling lots AUCTION
Confirm a bone analysis ATTEST
Couldn’t get rid of cold in Brazil NUT
Detect spark coming off speakers SEE
Director in Prague working to get a seat in first-class coming from coach UPGRADE
Funny cool pic of one in the pit PICCOLO
Graduate rings back Clare and Charlie from holy city MECCA
Hate leaving each other in the autumnal shade OCHRE
Have a quick look at couples supporting school plan SCAN
Heard gruff voice coaches trying to get the best out of the Arabians HORSETRAINERS
Heiress hoards pickled root vegetables for roast beef sauce HORSERADISHES
Held in Gulag erroneously for a specific number of years AGE
Knocks back what waiter takes home holding kebab SPIT
Leaves home, for example, and is picked up in the forest HORSECHESTNUT
Legal or dodgy piece of lively music? ALLEGRO
Local tabloids at the border’s race meetings RAGS
Mistakes rare sporty car with aerodynamic front ERRATA
Most of the style one associates with Marina is more eccentric LOOPIER
Old Irish hobby, for instance, popular with all sides today HORSE
One of the ranks is corrupt ROTTEN
Picture cited novel about president DEPICT
Post reports in the butcher’s window STEAK
Presumably, holds the money for stockholders and the banks? Time will tell! TILL
Put up with performance around Coldplay’s first record ACCEPT
Rejected most evil book that’s controversial EMOTIVE
Slip away easily asleep ELAPSE
Some characters in Donnybrook issued a welcome that’s very informal KISS
Survive with one of the Greens around Utah OUTLIVE
Teaching those nags a lesson can be rewarding for those working on 22 across HORSETRAINING
Tender reports on the rise SOAR
The Waste Land – of course, the type, that’s plain to see in Kildare? CURRAGH
Trendiest coming out of Downing Street in formal wear GOWN
Turns over sod for Oriental church with a number of doctrines CREDOS
Well, it’s not ghoulish SICK