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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Oct 7 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

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Clues Answers
3 down and 8 down on last chances with those who can be tugged emotionally HEARTSTRINGS
Ban leads, ores, uranium, titanium with legislation OUTLAW
Broadcast with electrical device RELAY
Cats from pit scared by a group of ferocious animals PRIDE
Champ starters in Adelaide produced in Australia VICTORIA
Expert in the field produced chemical pods ACCOMPLISHED
Forge crazy myths about island SMITHY
Guard is fed up with wind up DEFEND
In a roundabout way, spring is great for containers, as they’re only temporary measures STOPGAPS
Is capable of holding one’s beer leaving The Marina perhaps SCHOONER
Lasting impression going around harbours in fast vehicle SPORTSCAR
Leader of Band Aid’s musicians BASSISTS
Log in leaving invigilator the unimportant facts TRIVIA
Mark English is ahead of Troy Ring SIGNET
Most important position for The Lions in 23 down? For Old French it’s nearly all those in 20 down! PRIDEOFPLACE
One criticised harshly over nothing is hard to find ISOLATED
One Pinter play directed by fearless type INTREPID
Only one hour from Pebble Beach SINGLE
Pick up car with enthusiasm HEART
Puts one’s fingers on what’s said to be fish sauce, for starter PLACES
Some get along with grabber associated with high-flyer TALON
Street in Waterford with a group of Arabians? STRING
Testing a small saw? ASSAYING
They are all offering sea view alternatively with right of way on the outskirts for soulmate EVERYBODY
Timeless area and square near Palermo ruins ATEMPORAL
Tom’s rogue design has a space for drop-ins GUESTROOM
Verification in the past, one would have got a slap for this CONFIRMATION
Workers heading off for what sounds like days to lobby ENTRANCE