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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Oct 8 2018

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Clues Answers
Anne IV retires to European city VIENNA
Came to terms with what’s dead wrong about fair ADJUSTED
Cumin is a seedy type found in a pit MUSICIAN
Describes 19 down in Dublin, for instance CITY
Devise play about Clare fiddles DECEIVES
Examples of agents REPRESENTATIVES
Great Dane releases Green facts and figures DATA
Greenish-blue single spirit secured in tank AQUARIUM
Has an effect on fine uncle’s adaptation INFLUENCES
In favour of initial talk to serve notice to security PROTECTION
It’s fashionable for Henry English to test breathing apparatus INHALE
Judges get them from The Bar? MEASURES
Lift lid off casual drugs for those legally in possession OWNERS
Lost all the letters – an unknown quantity might be good for nothing LAZY
Nuisance on the radio admits winner is finally making sense of the data STATISTICS
Party abandons property tax for those consumers living aboard EXPORT
Pinotage grape found on both sides of channel PIPE
Remove sloe from Yule logs – it’s not nice UGLY
Ruin to look around is not in good shape by small French port MARSEILLES
Show-off in game is a mystery to others ENIGMA
Subordinate Rising produces an acronym for part of the island with unionist journalists perhaps JUNIOR
That woman is taken in by silly tenet produced by Communications Network ETHERNET
There’s no end to this entire melody by The Yardbirds, for starters ETERNITY
They’re in the habit of making The Abbey workable MONKS
They’re taught a number of lessons by slip up – and that’s only seen retrospectively? PUPILS
Type of marketeer raising stock issues FARMER
Up-turn is never ending and on track for those paying for it PURCHASE
Yearn for those from fellowship in England PINE