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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Oct 8 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

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A round solid figure in small park on this spot SPHERE
Big fan of relish to go with duck breast – the ultimate! ZEALOT
Calling leaders with natural ability managing in Government NAMING
Emphatically stated by Dublin journalist travelling around county DECLARED
English runner turns up to train TAME
Express surprise about university dance set up by gents in Donnybrook HULLABALOO
Firm backed foreign casino for particular event OCCASION
Found over in Crete dithering and it’s a concern for one working on tender? TIDE
Give in again to addict holding back head boy going to university in America RESUBMIT
Hereafter lose heart with time on one’s hands FREE
In need of immediate attention working on the port’s development, for example PRESSING
It’s okay to come to terms with a novice in Belgium ACCEPTABLE
Knowledgeable final volume from theologian getting to grips with acute problem EDUCATED
Life, for instance, is written down by biographer SENTENCE
Losing the head at critical points in stands RISES
Member of Royal Irish Constabulary in a faction that isn’t open to new ideas OLDGUARD
Moral values of ladies’ movement IDEALS
Most people would stick with this global communiqu? doing the rounds GLUE
Not contaminated for the most part by model’s intentions PURPOSES
Raised out of cowardliness by fools CLOWNS
Realise stone is coming from nation state ATTAIN
Remove pig from poisoning a number of the vegetables ONIONS
Reserve sound of disapproval for Kelvin BOOK
Sign up for course to teach others a lesson TAKEACLASS
They’re bound to open up during others’ downfall as high military figure shoots mouth off? PARACHUTES
Those consumed by Hemitripterus in The Fall TRIP
Trade secret – releasing tarts to order DECREE
Where you’d expect to get a masterclass training cheaters beyond the second level TEACHERSCOLLEGE