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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Sep 10 2018

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Clues Answers
Be on the safe side with breakdown rescue SECURE
Complete building in tree ENTIRE
Firm ground is fairly level and, being porous, is incapable of holding water COLANDER
Funny comedic art is systematic of a structure of government DEMOCRATIC
Gatherings of neurons travelling around centre of spine REUNIONS
It’s commonplace to roam freely in The Netherlands NORMAL
It’s similar to one of those in 21 down with a line that’s extra ADDITIONAL
Kneels excited over bone from duck found in archaeological site SKELETON
Leave it out, as it’s got nothing to do with short prison sentence being raised? OMIT
Melanie and Edward Thaw, from the past MELTED
Nearly certain initial planning for Easter 1916 not predictable SURPRISING
No more soup for you and me – it’s mighty! ENORMOUS
Perfect for the most part in Paris where revolutionary is held in high esteem HONOURED
Player’s backbone opened by those in the theatre, not the main ones CHARACTERACTORS
Press club can’t be found going around Spain CLOSET
Qualifications for those working on The Curragh RIDERS
Reads new amendment with rebutted response ANSWERED
Relatives locked up by Trinidad security DADS
Replacement comes from butchers but it’s suet! SUBSTITUTE
Russians dismiss a sin by old European empire, initially USSR
Some of the belief is traditional and that can hurt when hit with it FIST
Some recommend a takeover that’s important on fact-finding mission DATA
Stopped to think, scratched the head, and applied it USED
There used to be one of these in 23 down for revolutionary council SOVIET
Turns up no teacher is ordered to start prayer ORISON
Unfinished American city opens in chaos and it divides Europe and the New World ATLANTIC
Upsets old staff in Dell famous for supplying precious material from Amazon ELDORADO
What’s the chances of veterans getting rid of rat? EVENS