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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Sep 11 2018

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Clues Answers
Awkward topic for one on the bottle in the pub OPTIC
Backs those with their corporate characters all over Jersey SPONSORS
Contempt for scoundrel losing duel SCORN
Criminal uses Viper as guide SUPERVISE
Family member to post bond RELATIONSHIP
Finish Le Mans getting clipped by English leader going the wrong way ENAMEL
Group of newspapers covering one country with no leader ORGANISATION
In relation to documentaries dismissing red meat? COUSIN
Includes overheads covering new school on island CONSISTS
Information technology firm involved in sadomasochism produced television comedy SITCOM
It’s about picking up on what the artist produced from memory RECOLLECTION
It’s difficult to catch testament from The Bible by that man with small bunch of hay WILLOTHEWISP
Keep the lid on local getting about on small mode of transport RESTRAIN
Little devil from The Bride of Frankenstein, for example HORROR
Obtuse type of figure produced poor result in court case and that’s key TRIANGLE
Ocean liner reaches Dublin with a French formation synonymous with Oasis SANDDUNE
Old tape playing contains single produced by The Chemical Brothers perhaps OPIATE
Pick out shady type turning up inside the house SENATE
Pity an oddball following, for example, one of those in Africa EGYPTIAN
Sailor has time in boat for the new jobs STARTS
Shreds reviews for leads from Abbey, Lyric and Helix SPIRAL
Social network editor went on and on TWITTERED
Star from The Shield offers protection to one of those getting tanned in Heat SUNSCREEN
Takes the pain out of delivering papers in Peru ordered by gangster EPIDURAL
Tourist is removed from the fish farm TROUT
Weighty type of review? Margo gets to like most of it! KILOGRAM
What the copper would do with nitric acid to give some feedback REACT
You’re presumably looking at this right now, annoyed by a single conversational piece CROSSWORD