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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Sep 15 2018

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Clues Answers
A number of duos left out in a number of types of cars COUPES
A starter to go with all sides today? It might! POWER
Acclaim for Number Ten saying goodbye CHEERIO
After closing time, an opportunity for a late drink on the canal up north LOCKIN
Boardroom clash at the Competition Authority kicks off? POWERSTRUGGLE
Camper for political group found in Cork or Split? CARVEUP
Completes the following transfer to club unique to The Cape ROBE
Consumed by draw, loss and one of those picking holes in things AWL
Demonstrated in quiet to raw beginner in the kitchen PROVEN
Enthusiasm inherent to native language ELAN
Foundation embraced by suburb as expected BASE
Get rid of drugs on holiday WEEDOUT
Girl left school of historical records ANNALS
Has no head for that racket in Clare ENNIS
Herb Ring from Orange Order OREGANO
In Sussex a movement can be physical EXAM
It’s about that woman the ophthalmologist has his eye on perhaps RETINA
It’s the bottom line for one of those in court NET
Like a shot without saki from inn HOTEL
Look out for the French toast starter, as it’s not typical in Wellington? EYELET
Love Hate? EMOTION
Minister for Communications, Climate Action & Environment needs to be good at the nitty-gritty of rural electrification? POWERPOLITICS
Napoleon’s missing pen found by those looking for a drop of Napoleon’s brandy perhaps SALOON
New head of paramilitaries admits transport is in ideal state NIRVANA
Official restriction on trade of wild borage grown around beginning of May EMBARGO
On balance, a mechanic requires two of these to keep the gear clean? OVERALL
One of the player’s characters in Delhi fiction HIFI
Primary witness, on paper INITIAL
Put away the sparkling wine from American city – it’s for the fourth of July in Ireland LAYDOWN
Sample of Aberdeen Angus either way comes from the family NAN
Short smoke with blackguard CUR
Some clich? repeated in this place HERE
Straight and narrow bar for a final beer LINEAR
The Inferno briefly has nine in a circle that winds around and around HELIX
The limits to social housing on Raglan Road, for instance SONG
They make light work of the devotions after taking local juice POWERSTATIONS
Trackers lose cars in a long arduous journey TREK
Whiskey producer is found on the golf course in Waterford with an aid that makes driving easier POWERSTEERING