Irish Times (Crosaire) – Sep 18 2018

Clues Answers
19 down and top secret characters in 27 across mostly offering a position for those who expect cuts (6’1,5) BARBERSCHAIR
A scoop of rice came prepared ICECREAM
Awful critic describes what can leave a bitter taste in one’s mouth CITRIC
Crime figure, for instance, is leading the pack in stable STATISTIC
Danish model parts with Yankee PASTRY
Drained by what you might pick up in The Sun from ticket-seller BURNTOUT
Finishes 6 down to score MUSIC
Flame tulip, for example, brightens up the room LIGHTBULB
Freakish exercise to take out short fiction writer PECULIAR
Is capable of giving a clip around the ears for hurtful remark in hospital BARBER
Is outspoken about supporting film from Universal and it’s a sign they offer inspiration to those with writer’s block VOCABULARIES
It’s really lazy to fire off rifle shot SLOTH
It’s what many people get up to in Clare? That’s genuine! CEREAL
Labour contest? STRUGGLE
Meeting leaders perhaps misrepresented as rich CHAIRS
Notes about Cashel perhaps produced by composer ROCKMUSIC
One endless account for a total review of cover story ALIBI
Positions for the sailors in ships outside of Ireland OVERSEAS
Print off manuscripts for the spicy types SUMACS
Reply to ancestor’s missing sons REACT
Rocky VII to get Oscar nevertheless EVENSO
Sounds like Diana gets the part in The Point of No Return DIEISCAST
Take turns to judge good books inside ROTATE
The gambler’s ongoing misfortune to seek a seat has nothing to do with female having no chance RUNOFBADLUCK
There’s a chance of a recovery provided something can be found ALLISNOTLOST
Time scoundrels spread out to keep the swine on his toes TROTTERS
Tough type from the bakery introduces 6 down to Trim, Cork and Kildare ROCKCAKE
Untroubled about a bunch of paramilitaries giving up with those battered types who came off the boat at sea CALAMARI

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