Irish Times (Crosaire) – Sep 19 2018

Clues Answers
Clare, for one, immersed in tennis lesson ISLE
Course on the radio is tacky VULGAR
Criminal leaders seizing one thousand green gems EMERALDS
Dilettante leaves industrial estate in Eastern Europe RUSSIA
Every ounce of anger in Vogue ALLTHERAGE
Friend of dancer is a fast mover DASHER
Guard, engineer, nurse, butcher? ENSURE
High-flyer sacrifices weekend at first-class institute in Pacific Ocean HAWAII
Is that not repellent to burst into cellar? CITRONELLA
Leave port on banks of Santa Fe Trail SAIL
Lorraine lets out roar in bar LINE
Made a surprise attack to remove spice from rice paddies RAIDED
Narcissism of one from the capital in navy dress VANITY
One of The Stones spoke out to give the subject some recognition for those calling home in Europe and America? DUALCITIZENSHIP
Orpheus’ adaptation about victor or unworthy opponent PUSHOVER
Questions things to do off the top of the head ASKS
Retiring actor – the bad type from America campaigned with single by Queen in the East MAHARANI
School and institute in Kildare is right for one with a sporting career that’s going downhill SKIER
Show up at play by lightweight proponent of The Left SOUTHPAW
Snug tent made with very hard material TUNGSTEN
Something my father wore in Africa? Keep that under your hat! SASH
Sounds like somewhere in West Cork and Cork for one of the family associated with The Mint SKULLCAP
Takes a lot of interest in you and me on both ends of centre court in Brazil USURIOUS
The writing is on the wall and it can be cutting about endless drug taking at institute GRAFFITI
They’re reminders of what’s still to be done as European state lost to winners CHECKLISTS
Tried to abandon tragedies for a long time AGES
What made the Ali shuffle possible is a fundamental flaw FEETOFCLAY
You and I review party for returning neighbours – the difficulty is getting the numbers right SUDOKU

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