Irish Times (Crosaire) – Sep 20 2018

Clues Answers
Accommodate uranium in spray HOUSE
Address most of the drugs coming from Switzerland SPEECH
American splitting hairs got the bullet for last retort on the way out APARTINGSHOT
Barman finds it can be a support from political propaganda AGITPROP
Bits he’d removed from cheese dip PIECES
Candy Snider leaves the dessert wines SWEETS
Casanova loses the head with serious type that’s hard to please OVERCRITICAL
Cold series of radiators – you can play with them but you won’t get the better of them CHEATERS
Engineering a bizarre rise is getting less difficult EASIER
Free jazz joint is used by sailors in a bind for a quick release REEFKNOT
Give it one’s best shot with horse in Ulster run STRUGGLE
Go into hiding with Nick from Cobh, in a manner of speaking, at end of the war TAKECOVER
Hardship of most of the outfit from regiment RIGOUR
In the interests of leader’s support behind old paramilitaries or so the story goes ITISSAID
Instructor gets to sail out of classes TUTORIALS
Instrument for pain management osteopath introduced PIANO
Lift is in the middle of elevated space for The Hearing RAISE
No gold in grand total for the man of the cloth TARTAN
Note in case director quit CEASED
Notes taken at theatrical venue perhaps handed over by those in attendance GATERECEIPTS
Old Mexican is dour leaving C?te d’Azur AZTEC
Pictures of spies locking up lads CINEMA
Pilot from Bath, England, is observed under laboratory conditions TESTTUBE
Putting an end to the lies, politician admits treatment hurt one of the runners TRUTHDRUG
Study writing and reading by the scouts EXPLORERS
That one who never stops going on and on shattered by new personal best BROKENRECORD
The big pitch is tough as old boots to deal with HARDSELL
What the detective is looking for is supplied by court reporter perhaps? EVIDENCE

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