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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Sep 21 2018

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Clues Answers
A liberating demand from strange Romans RANSOM
Arab leader’s report throws one off balance SHAKES
Ask for local money from the English terrace – it’s an old system one hears about TAPEDECK
Can leave champions down in the dumps? MOPISH
Celebrity is charged over cocaine ICON
Circle backs diabolical crude type coming from The Press in Greece OLIVEOIL
Comes across dog that has a chance of winning COMPETES
Describes precious type in 24 across and most of those in 26 across for those retiring types in Labour GOLDENHANDSHAKE
Detective and judge from 10 across working overseas illegally PIRATESHIP
Finds mole is overseeing part of China to topple the obstruction DEMOLISH
Finishes 15 across with small welcoming gestures HANDSHAKES
Grace O’Malley opens 6 down PIRATE
Important Russians transformed Nazi cars CZARINAS
Is rare cuckoo from a range of mountains? SIERRA
Is that an ongoing reaction in Red China? CHAIN
Just got nothing for The Confirmation RIGHTO
Most of the score by Chopin lacks order and that’s vital to the organisation LINCHPIN
Moth-eaten Monet is left out in the hot weather HEAT
No lets in Shetland for worker HAND
Nuns travelling around Kildare dropped in at the deep end perhaps SUNKEN
Opens 15 across full of promise, in an opportunistic sense GOLDEN
Removed the bones from accommodation in field trip FILLETED
Set of standards for banks countrywide CODE
Shop girl has no hols to cling to GRIP
Speech therapist misses teacher’s pet in A View from The Bridge, perhaps SHIP
Take advantage of criminal hiding a bit of a beef CASHINON
Takeaway opens before lunch in Ireland and the Revenue is having none of it DEDUCTIBLE
Turns up, the foreign army unit isn’t finished getting diamonds at the end of the war – and the feeling is mutual RECIPROCAL