Irish Times (Crosaire) – Sep 22 2018

Clues Answers
A Scott Joplin genre from America that’s popular, rises and falls NIAGARA
Adjust figures for fallen trees RESET
Bar queue LINE
Be firm as a matter of policy with Nick locally addressing summit at 31 across and 15 across TAKEAHARDLINE
Carol is short for Clare’s lottery tickets perhaps CHANCES
Cash advance for removing mice from coal mine LOAN
Daredevil losing the head is going to local prison with the man downstairs OLDNICK
Describes 7 down and that’s not good EVIL
Difficult for daughters to get rid of guest HARD
Director from trust initially involved in each rip off DETACH
Father’s father is romantically involved with 33 down GRANDAD
Frenchmen embrace Freud’s concept and second theory offering a lot more of what’s in 17 across MEGOHM
Gear for a father to heartless spirit from The Tempest APPAREL
Get the message travelling Israel and Spain REALISE
Got the doctor for those in rundown part of the city GHETTO
It’s not available with duck and 14 down? Don’t bet on it! TAKENOCHANCES
Keep up to speed with a piper’s melody APPRISE
Let go a hammer smoothly LEGATO
Magnificent piano – a similar type to 22 across GRANDPA
Make public and give out about how long the broadcast takes AIRTIME
Meets coming out of basement bar BAN
New leader from Asian country admits victory for America could be ideal, in stately way? NIRVANA
Nice road goes around old capital EURO
Raymond consuming a foreign whisky – when you see this, you just know something is going to take-off RUNWAY
Receipts for all the starters with sides today TAKE
Rent the spare room to Katie Rock and Harry Short linked to border report TAKEINALODGER
Request synonymous with major employer picked up by The Bar ORDER
Restless in hotel in strange city ITCHY
Rob Cook and Kenneth Shatter in the past BROKEN
Stick your neck out for Nick Adams starting up magazine and opening bureau with Leon TAKEAGAMBLEON
Surprise for Frenchman essential to Resistance OHM
The Inferno briefly opens on Maundy Thursday outside initial entrance? Taking the journey, this will go over your head! HELMET
Thirsty without this to test TRY
Tracy left Cary Grant in the old folks home perhaps GRAN
Turns up, no parking in April in old European capital LIRA
Two thirds of 27 down by law approved by the courts LEGAL
Unreal novel dealing with the nerves NEURAL
Ushered in, as involved in subtle deception LED

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