Irish Times (Crosaire) – Sep 25 2018

Clues Answers
Ashley ‘Rocky’ Smith is outside at Number One presumably SMASHHIT
Coach park is a childish option, for the present TRAINSET
Container going back to Genoa lost in Venice CANAL
Describe the spread of handy leaflets of lady friend welcoming single leaders? Give it time! DIGITATE
Drunk special port with Jamaican seasoning ALLSPICE
Finished with struggle in Labour, as it sounds like it’s too much work OVEREXERT
Genius from old Roman capital? TALENT
Grave type of dupes, losing the head over long, heartless chore SEPULCHRE
Gucci, Gucci, Gucci – sounds like something Mum said? All the babes out there understand that lingo! MOTHERTONGUE
Had the bit between one’s teeth as revolutionary got married CHEWED
Had words with 19 down over a theft CHEWEDTHEFAT
Heartless Harry found in The Square on the ground level sends a shiver down one’s spine TINGLE
It’ll come out, old partner is due treatment EXUDE
Local rascal from institute produced something fishy SCAMPI
Party all night at the summits with the foreign critics PANEL
Place on a team for reserve SETASIDE
Pulling a face off the top of one’s head can be revealing OUTING
Relative admits former partner got time for burying people in the graveyard SEXTON
Runs home from 21 across with mate HOUSEWIFE
Senate is united over pipeline HOUSE
Set off something for the pigeons? HOMING
Shock of speeding with family member – one caught in time just before a big crash SONICBOOM
Strike possibility put at risk THREATEN
Takes a risk falling for a star STUNTMAN
The Star opens with 1 down – at the end of the day you’ll only see that in The West SUNSET
Whiskey sour arrives finally – service isn’t one to remember WRITEOFF
Wine made around centre of Grand Duchy with top grapes is a demonstration of what was noteworthy at the Marriage at Cana? WEDDINGMARCH
Wrote about homes in conversation with fictional medic DOCTORWATSON

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