Irish Times (Crosaire) – Sep 27 2018

Clues Answers
Bamboo lovers sharply criticise the German PANDAS
Bootleg tape of jazz lick entertains President Obama from the start RIPOFF
Church leader admits university has openings for AI technology people POPULATE
Colourful type nearly joins The Shadows or The Corrections REVISIONS
Come up against most of them from Yemen forced to confront rivals FACETHEENEMY
Daisy’s relative is crazy about doctor from old Lima MARIGOLD
Headmaster releases sheet for the players DRAMA
Host is not part of threesome with unconventional Arab leader? EMEER
Leaving parties offends organisation and some at the top SENDOFFS
Orchestral leader produces bass violin movement from forgotten state OBLIVION
Photos of those at the end of 12 across on bender SHOTS
Piece by boxer following the game GUNDOG
Polish off in pop-up bar with type of mug? BEATUP
Protest movement starting to go viral animated by primary opponent ARCHRIVAL
Religious type of teller from the start gets bank job THEIST
Reviews writing by a large mouthy type in The Post PILLAR
Runner in part of The Underground and that man from the highest point of attic ROOMATTHETOP
School and college connected to Geneva organisation offering to rummage through The Waste Land SCAVENGE
Single murder in a novel UNMARRIED
Sounds like a promotional spiel at The Bar to try something HAVEASHOT
Sounds like something American realtor says to buyer of carpark space is pointedly one’s only option (4’1,4,3) Thatsyourlot
Tailor-made without model for a dippy Indian type RAITA
Terrible bad luck of American behind loss of face at waterworks ACRYINGSHAME
The Blades from part of Dublin SWORDS
The same old panic gets a party to write report AFFRIGHT
Turns up as father gets to secure the services of one of The Stones SAPPHIRE
With genuine effort part of the play is full of zip without the lead ACTIVELY
Work over father to a foreign politician REVAMP

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