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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Sep 28 2018

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Clues Answers
A smashing time to get one up on Dawn? BREAKOFDAY
Boutiques losing out to one of those from fish restaurant BISQUE
Build goes around man-made lake MAKE
Concede 24 across is absent with 22 across MAKEACONFESSION
Dante left untainted by one of those base types UNIT
Earns a rollicking for fighting fighters ARENAS
Endless cloud off island bordering Mississippi? MISSOURI
Father is bound to hear this is a revelation CONFESSION
Frenchman in Lebanon working for The Count NOBLEMAN
Insect perhaps from safari WEBBROWSER
It’s on the agenda to take the peas out of meat pies ITEM
Labour is in a position to do the job that’s not impractical WORKABLE
Lecture produced by institute in that line of work TIRADE
Memo from head-banger dismisses Herb AGENDA
No relics in Lake District by order DIKTAT
Pay the costs for extremes of Mediterranean diet MEET
Pitch for the players CAST
Plays a leading role at The Abbey overseeing The Three Sisters, among others ABBESS
Presumably is never out of bounds in unofficial court KANGAROO
Religious leader has a bone to pick in The Warren perhaps RABBIT
Reveal the truth playing a side holding substitute back DISABUSE
Shocked gulag has trouble on the inside AGHAST
They’re capable of spreading rubbish by young boxers and a number of those in 10 across, similarly LITTERBUGS
Unfair tension over a person from Eastern Europe ESTONIAN
Vindication for a flower on part of the tree leads to internal analysis APOLOGIA
Well-built fashion centre for the French in lofty structure ATHLETIC
Who goes off Chow Mein produced with shredded steak? MINCE
Zesty flavour coming up out of the garden has its own bite GNAT