Irish Times (Crosaire) – Sep 29 2018

Clues Answers
Annoyed about Virginia left in ruins RAVAGED
Bit of compensation for the writer PEN
Cared desperately for small group CADRE
Channel 10 covers opening of Reformist Church TRENCH
Collect our mysterious new leader from northern party ROUNDUP
Copy from Ireland all over US College and a writer’s centre IMITATE
Criminal aims of current gangsters MAFIOSI
Demons of water transport taking in university and institute SUCCUBI
Electrified by cast on the radio and comedian needing no introduction from experience LIVETHROUGHIT
Elevated journeys around island can be endless and might scare the living daylights out of you SPIRITS
Enjoy The Good Life with one’s lady as it goes out, and relish answer from the man upstairs Livelikealord
Epicentre of earthquake? HEART
First unit from Latin designed around the start of the Interregnum INITIAL
Folk legend on board KING
Half a dozen characters included in Vogue FAD
It’s a comfort to official holding on to story RELIEF
It’s a measure of what’s left for Ghent movement LENGTH
Jubilation putting out job for the swimmers NAUTILI
Members of Metallica out of place promoting Hot Chocolate CAFE
Most of the media is on to it with a quick tempo? PRESTO
No room in comic opera for cold type from summit ICECAP
Nutty type of poor old man ALMOND
Pass one’s time on all sides today LIVE
Place belonging to Siamese twins SET
Polish retiring from power gets to show appreciation for Arabian dinner BURP
Sides of edible fruit to prepare for the cookery magazine, for one EDIT
Small hearing aid for worker heading off with crafty type in Asia SAMPAN
Some of the chilli powder found on one’s mouth LIP
Sounds like Count’s for the chop ADZE
Spirit with fizz? ELAN
Supported oneself acquiring wild boar and fish and what’s put out for media consumption LIVEBROADCAST
Take mast from the assignment on the boat ENSIGN
Taking part on the catwalk modelling his gown SHOWING
The trappings of royalty found in Algeria REGALIA
Tiny parasites in the public eye LICE
To be constantly taking a walk down memory lane is to have a background in 19th century history perhaps LIVEINTHEPAST
Transfer art out to somewhere in Wexford FERNS
Transport gets green light coming off ship CARGO

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