Irish Times (Crosaire) – Sep 3 2018

Clues Answers
A watershed without Sarah Harris, for one, and that’s a bit woolly TWEED
Called for excerpt from Dr Strangelove RANG
Characters video-taped a lobster from pleasure boat PEDALO
Circle plate was on one side of table and is now on the other side TURNCOAT
Coming into focus after bad start and making progress BLOOMING
Considerable achievement for one broadcast and then another and another SUCCESSION
Discover thermostat to outlet can be drawn in the parlour TATTOO
Eccentric angler vacates garden flat DAFT
For the dancers on Greek island needing no introduction after 4 down DISCOS
German woman nearly gets into debt – that doesn’t normally come to light INFRARED
It’s only small change locally to the backers ODDS
Move overseas, as no longer attached to drunk in Lisbon EXPORT
Narrow escapes from Cork, Ring and the capital of Sligo CLOSECALLS
Old relatives left out by lightweights OUNCES
One Direction consumed by jazz dance with pre-recorded laughter CANNED
One of the younger guys in Rome in the past is seen upset with accountant SENECA
Pep sides with Zen Buddhist ZEST
Shooting star in remote adaptation METEOR
Some brethren try to agree a bill for The House RENT
Some command is countermanded by Ring DISC
Spruce at the top of parklands beside Polish mobile SMARTPHONE
The toilets at the back of the home goal not tied up? LOOSEEND
They’re as white as a sheet with charming type losing the head with current reports from school ICEFLOES
Those in Ireland who voted for Trump cannot be found – a follower gives out ABSENTEEBALLOTS
Those in The House listening to The Speaker AUDIENCE
With Fortune getting last two for Spurs they won’t waste the subs TREASURERS
Working in Sky out near a settlement AERONAUT
Young men opening cans on holiday prepared to go to the jamboree BOYSCOUT

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