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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Sep 3 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
A trifle of the rewards for waiting for Yes cover TIPSYCAKE
Accommodates The Grateful Dead perhaps with leader leaving the rock group? GRAVEL
Bar for coaches and those running the teams LINEMANAGERS
Behave yourself with generous soul around lover at the centre GIVEOVER
Cherishes rare set built around unfinished replacement TREASURES
Creative type outside ruck all over the place spraying dirt on others? MUCKRAKER
Dream about Progressive Democrat bounced along HOPPED
Glamorous to release logs of what’s essential to nice romance AMOUR
Hostile force in unstable Yemen ENEMY
Idiot accommodating Frenchman, for example, finds love in Ireland with the type that roughly adds a bit of spice? NUTMEGGRATER
Is he arrested by policeman seen coming out of the kitchen? DISHES
Made up with a foreign tenor on French street UNTRUE
Makes every effort to get top scorer first try ATTEMPTS
Man of Letters on Titanic from the start singlehandedly paid for opportunities for further learning SCHOLARSHIPS
Not the first to leave Italian port after Mass for members of The Acer family MAPLES
Oral history about Light Museum LOUVRE
Party worker crossing one estate DOMAIN
Problematic satire about you and I, in a manner of speaking ASITWERE
Scheme set-up for most of those in Los Angeles, California starting therapy TACTIC
Seized revolutionary colourful type caught in outbuilding SNATCHED
Song and dance witnessed at the gate SCENE
The director’s handling of the play performed in The Theatre TREATMENT
Those initially heard coming from the car protecting Rose THORN
Trick on Greek island for securing property CONCRETE
Whip out hanky in response to what you might be given THANKYOU
With great force, it’s ferocious around one port MIGHTILY
Work by The Abbey writers amusingly corralling childish types PLAYPENS
Writing ain’t about Bob on short course with colourful swimmer RAINBOWTROUT