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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Sep 30 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

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Clues Answers
A question of procedure abandoned in ship by posers SHOWOFFS
A steady flow produced by master switch STREAM
Beastly type of new drama is not up to par – nothing is? ARMADILLO
Busy architect gets rid of art HECTIC
By not following the clues in the manual, can’t be found around university MISUSING
Churchwarden after midnight in public houses produces Scottish music BAGPIPER
Fragment of uplifting bootleg ridiculed as a sad song DIRGE
Goes along with everything, as is in the line-up with most of them ready for action PLAYSTHEGAME
Group of newspapers covering one country with no leader in administration ORGANISATION
Heard principal accepted truth AXIOM
In part, mistook a pisanosaurus for close relatives of the giraffe OKAPIS
Is copied wrongly like some soaps EPISODIC
Is responsible for underground movement going back by public transport to Washington on Fourth of July SUBWAY
Lacks faith, as head barman is not around? Pole is in charge! AGNOSTIC
Olive is showing more maturity working on a vineyard FRUITGROWING
On the telephone? Kurt Blunt! TERSE
One might be gambling on this in opening 18 across for Greek character in Maine State FRUITMACHINE
Pulls a fast one in session losing the head with crafty type around Rialto OUTSMARTS
Put out brief study presumably for the wine drinkers to consume DEPORT
Some explorer under stage again RERUN
Starter of 18 across with endless bananas FRUITS
Starting trouble with Roman emperor over island going all the way back in the east ORIENT
Talking with excessive pride in crafty type concealing head splitting with bad flu BOASTFUL
Ten operas rewritten in artificial international language ESPERANTO
The most ridiculous falsehoods found in the delta build-up when you get to the bottom of it? SILLIEST
Throwing down the gauntlet to close relative in Waterford DARING
Turns up, nearly didn’t get benefits heading off out of this world SPLENDID
Undermines pet or wild deer TORPEDOES