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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Sep 4 2018

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Clues Answers
A hostelry is empty out by The Monk’s Head? ABBOT
Address for man hanging around Ulster churchman MINISTER
Article is not quite right from the start on Hook or it’s just made up to suit everybody OFFTHEPEG
Bar opens for the angry men going to the boxing match BANTAM
Cloak and dagger found by river parasites with the type of force you hear about but rarely see SECRETPOLICE
Come by boat in detour OBTAIN
Crossed Swords to dish out spud diet DISPUTED
Fondness for fair amount of life in The Palace LIKING
Fragment of anarchic chants SNATCH
Has a job taking probe away from power broker WORKER
It’s not easy for one of those in the circulation business as it’s not a liquid asset HARDCURRENCY
It’s polite to act with concern for private parties in court CIVILLAW
New and precious type of floor covers cool institute and that’s a measure of a crafty sort NAUTICALMILE
One of those detained briefly at square eatery providing refreshments to the surfers INTERNETCAFE
Players almost score from the start, breaking new ground across the turf TRACTORS
Prickly type of guard on bike in America HEDGEHOG
Reveals everything about himself on pitch by making a show of himself making a run for it STREAKER
Shapeless broad LOOSE
Some forgotten sentence, in a manner of speaking TENSE
Spread of Martin’s flying from far side of Solent TRANSMIT
Sue gets away from dangerous fiery type DRAGON
Swinger’s type of joint? HINGE
The type of district one isn’t supposed to drive through REDLIGHT
There’s no difference whatever way you look at it, it’s just more of the same IDENTICAL
Was not in saltwater to put off one’s stroke RATTLE
What doctoral students read can be given to the best university graduates by old reformers CHARTISTS
Where you’d expect The Yard to be following everyone? INTHEREAR
Wrong dosage of antiquated salt SEADOG