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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Sep 4 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
Approaches secretary for the unfinished school PATHS
Cleans up the childish mistakes of royal in new saree ERASER
Criminals on both sides concealing weapons CONS
Draw a line cutting out war – or get hammered NAILED
E-cash from Bucharest for type of champagne BRUT
Edward is one barman in Ireland not fit to serve INEDIBLE
Egyptian’s missing pet in the cat’s pyjamas, for instance SAYING
Hidden on top of cambium in wild trees SECRET
Is a great advocate of The Crown, The King and I, and The Street MONARCHIST
Job in the bank is secure for Irish men including race from Spain SAFEFITTER
Leaders of The Old School manage somehow by checking out the internal workings of The Hearing OTOSCOPE
Literary writer from Spain has relative travelling around state by car ESSAYIST
Most of those in 24 down marry most of them with offspring in Blur CONFUSETHEISSUE
Old writer of good books sometimes primarily circulated by old communists once? OSTMARKS
One to two-fifths in a sunny spot offered a job locally SKIVVY
Opens 15 across with tip for some puzzles CONFUSES
Please explain about one who is bashful seen falling over watery type WISHYWASHY
Problems at the end of 15 across for society ISSUES
Sample of upsetting plant substance found in local crack BUST
Shylock is confident in old city USURER
Smoothed over for Dean’s foreign department SANDED
So Bluesy … Dizzy Bishop always says this! BLESSYOU
Some backward men like one of those getting fired from the pottery factory KILN
Spins female record for those playing around? GOLF
Start to case joint – the one the gambler might have in his possession CHIP
Tracks nearly all those in 14 down joining The Customs PATHWAYS
Violent disturbance in university over pressure and endless heat on Virginia UPHEAVAL
Witheringly sneaky around accountant and lightweight legend SCATHINGLY