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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Sep 5 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
All characters in Revolution head off to take Parisian street – that comes as a surprise! EUREKA
All the sides today to go up? RAISE
Bargain hunter has no hearing on top of everything else in the Sikh community TURBAN
Become twisted outside accommodation off the head on drink ENTWINE
Calls from bridge going around Bissagos Islands BIDS
Compose a letter with no introduction as confirmation, for example RITE
Covered up by global society, to boot ALSO
Engaged by a major employer in private SOLDIER
Follow the money around university PURSUE
For the builders, gas fitter lacks graft SITE
Give out to young woman losing the head up north around summit of Gullion ASSIGN
Hit a target in a number of crafty competitions in a row overseas REGATTA
Humpty Dumpty’s contribution to meringue presumably has lots of shots – and one that’s not entirely knocked back ALBUMEN
Iran’s idea manipulated by stockholder is uncivilised RAISEDINABARN
It’s not right to chop up fleas FALSE
Judge to snoop off probationers ARBITER
Knock’s system for distributing water TAPS
Learns a sport from magazine ARSENAL
Legendary rock that is let roll, for the most part in both cases all the way back LORELEI
Lost souls alone in the abbey? SOLUS
Part of cataclysm – a problem created by Ptolemy, for one, in his Geography MAP
Pilot over a weekend is cracking FLAKY
Players with no manager from the start make a meal of it TEA
Politician rings a man briefly for the last remaining part in America TAGEND
Popular German embraced by Donegal and English town in the kingdom DINGLE
Some custom-built structure in the dead centre TOMB
Speak to chairman three times about backing exercise in how to get more money RAISETHEPRICE
Stand in awe of one party demolishing lies IDOLISE
Starting off, said nice things about Belgium around every school in former seaside areas RAISEDBEACHES
The extremes of retrograde smallpox virus adds up SUMS
The limits to raising egomaniac in place of confinement CAGE
The work of the artist is great in exotic locale COLLAGE
Threesome in Jacksonville upset by rejections NOS
Times when Beth is out of herb tea ERA
To be successful in the world of investments? Presumably grow cash on trees! RAISETHEMONEY
Too much INXS on the radio? EXCESS
Tree in California covering area on top of Twin Peak? CATALPA
Trendy set mysteriously unlikely to brag MODEST