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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Sep 7 2018

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Clues Answers
Awful crush over revolutionary types synonymous with a form of worshiping CHURCHES
Caretakers with no career or something to do TASK
Central American union leader after heartless cur sought office HONDURAN
Criminal goes on about DS? Wow! GOODNESS
Doesn’t mind losing American going with half of 16 down for endless drink AGOODSPORT
Engineer of church involved in cinema complex MECHANIC
Female in river swimming backwards can be rather delicate ELFIN
I heard cover is affected by the chap who brings the sand EYELID
Is getting out of Carlisle for a basement in Bordeaux CELLAR
It’s a strange bird who only makes an appearance at certain times CUCKOO
Mentor leaves tournament with one of the swimmers TUNA
One can boast spoilt kid caught grand fish BRAGGART
Performs a role in Castaway? ACTS
Political leader gets pay off accommodating American – a bit of a smoothie perhaps PAPAYA
Pretend you have a temper – is that responsible advice from your mother? ACTYOURAGE
Provoke elder statesmen to get rid of the smart set NEEDLE
Pull out all the stops in triple jump LETRIP
Put off departure from the library READER
Run off report by one of those associated with The Plague FLEA
Some postage stamps from the Belle ?poque and the Fin de Si?cle AGES
Spartan handy gear reportedly tells you a lot about Amazon and the Midas touch GREEKMYTHS
Spots bottle of Armagnac nevertheless ACNE
That’s one in the eye for The Cloud NEBULA
The foreign wild quote about Nationalist leader is persuasive ELOQUENT
The odds on Hamlet’s dead father getting back his crown – bet that’s a slim possibility (1,5,2,1,6) AGHOSTOFACHANCE
They take over illegally playing Super Reds first in America USURPERS
They’re found technically in Spain in Caesar dressing CANARIES
Where John ended up when he lost the head – you’ll get this with little or no effort ONAPLATTER