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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Sep 8 2018

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Clues Answers
A meal deal perhaps for those buying and selling 16 down BUSINESSLUNCH
Acknowledges Norwegians taking off in gear OWNS
Anonymous corporate figures behind firm stitched up by the man of the cloth for those in office BUSINESSSUITS
Back in the Globe Theatre BET
Characters checkout a hardworking type of union member in America UTAH
Concerns the future horse-trading, for instance, of group with 18 down BUSINESSPLANS
Could start to loathe a classy nice source of wine CHATEAU
Drop pressure from spring PLUNGE
Drunk in Italy concealed by Douglas Timothy ASTI
Frugal crafty type in The Bridge SPARTAN
Glutton is posing without son PIG
Have a look around for some of the loose ends SEE
In so far as leaving Burkina Faso for city in the Caucasus BAKU
Initial troubleshooting takes the pressure off kids TEASES
Irresponsible papers’ leaders insinuate officer taken into custody IDIOTIC
It’s uncompromising and dark coming off dirt tracks STRICT
Keep a tab on deposit from Irishman PAT
Landscaper raced away with blueprints PLANS
Large bird turns up in Novosibirsk IBIS
Longing to head off to the ground ITCH
Mistakenly rated by profession TRADE
Neighbours campaigned over industrial Spain from European country UKRAINE
Organisational supports in Midway, for example, and empty isles AEGISES
Our Dean produced something of a refrain RONDEAU
Part of redundant illusion unlocked by shop assistant TILL
Prayer meetings dismiss partying by Arab rulers EMEERS
Really relishes making tea to drink EATSUP
Resign officially from organisation dispersing seed around Clare SECEDE
Sings jazz over Oriental type of rock GNEISS
Sound of disapproval from soldier on ecstasy heard coming from music venue BOOGIE
Stable in Gulf leading at the end of the day EVENING
Switches bank for second time for worker in Africa NAMIBIA
The curt Yank from Dutch city UTRECHT
Those involved in dealing, practice with half the golf club workers BUSINESSWOMEN
Treachery by liberal senator TREASON
Unscholarly royals missing one that’s never free, as the saying goes LUNCH
What The Rolling Stones lack going around Spain is a prophetic figure supposedly behind Genesis? MOSES
Wiki misprint? That’s not likely to fly! KIWI